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Welcome to Sturcross Physiotherapy.

Sturcross Physiotherapy is a small Physiotherapy and well-being clinic run by Megan Sturley. Their aim for all clients is to deliver a holistic yet science based approach to musculoskeletal medicine and sports therapy.

Clients range from elite athletes to people who want world class health practitioners to deliver safe and effective manual treatment and advice on their pain or injury to any part of the body.

Sturcross Physiotherapy sees clients of all activity levels for a myriad of health care concerns. Each client will receive a diagnosis and individual customised treatment as well as an easy to follow exercise prescription.

In some cases other therapies may be offered to compliment Physiotherapy including Acupuncture and Pilates. Megan uses manual manipulation and exercise programmes in a wide range of chronic and acute disorders including back pain, knee problems, ACL injuries, neck and shoulder issues as well as whiplash.

Megan Sturley acts as an expert witness in insurance and legal cases, predominantly for whiplash injuries and concussion.

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